Loss of Evangelistic Passion

In Loss of Evangelistic Passion we consider how the Loss of Evangelist Passion accompanies the death throws of a dying church.

Loss of Evangelistic Passion

Loss of Evangelistic Passion
By David Cox

In this article we consider how the Loss of Evangelist Passion accompanies the death throws of a dying church. Evangelism is a good marker of the life or death of a church. It is like the body’s pulse. When there is NO PULSE, things are morbid and dead. When there is little pulse, it is about to go into death. When it is active, regular, and constant, then things are good.

So many churches do so many things, and they see evangelism near the bottom of their list of priorities. This is so sad, because it was at the top of God’s when Jesus came to the earth to save men’s souls.

Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Matt 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

2Pet 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Motives for Witnessing:

  1. The eternal realities of the situation. People are going to hell if Christians do not yield themselves to God to reach the lost.
  2. Obedience. God clearly commands us to witness to our Savior.
  3. Love for God. If we love God really, then HIS PRIORITIES become our priorities. God’s great desire for the salvation of men is what stands out.
  4. Compassion for the Lost. If there were no other reason than to scan around you at the bleak, hopeless condition of mankind, and then try to alleviate their sufferings by the Savior coming into their life, this should be enough alone to make you witness. Mat 9:36, if Jesus had compassion for the lost, how can we not have it also?

(Note: there are MAJOR MOVEMENTS afoot in Christianity today which wish to totally deny that this evangelism is valid. These movements have “homes” in various denominations and groups, but they remove their identification with Unitarianism, Universalism, etc. and infect many denominations, groups, and individual churches that know better.)

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Evangelism is the very blood of the church that flows from its heart (Jesus Christ and his death on the Cross). No church can be biblical and approved of God if it is not evangelistic. Loss of Evangelistic Passion is the ruin of our churches today. Note that this issue is more God working through us (because we yield to his will) than what we can do in and of ourselves.

What is “being evangelistic”?

Let’s be very clear. Many things are “touted” as being evangelistic when they really are not. Giving food in a soup kitchen is not evangelistic. The people come there to get something for nothing. Many youth activities are not evangelistic because the kids come to enjoy themselves and the put up with a devotional without really being the purpose of their connection with the church.

Being evangelistic is to actually open the Bible and share salvation verses with somebody in a definite plan for presenting the plan of Salvation. This must be the principle purpose of the activity. Going door to door to witness to people (principle thing) and not just talking up the church and inviting them to come (secondary thing). When people go door to door to invite others to come to church, and then the pastor does not present the plan of salvation, this short circuits any evangelism purposes you might have there.

The number one thing in an evangelistic church is that the people are really saved. They have a vibrant relationship with Jesus, whereby their relationship makes them want to tell and convince others to trust and receive Jesus in their heart as their personal Savior too. If the people are not saved, then they will have no evangelistic zeal, and they won’t really understand what is salvation, nor the priority of salvation. Besides that, when these people eventually take over leadership positions within the church, they will move the church’s focus off of salvation and evangelism to focus on “other things” (the previous post was Doctrinal Dilution, now we have missal dilution, the primary mission is diluted and changed).

Being evangelistic is having everyone or the majority (definitely all the leaders and principle members of the church) saved and KNOWING HOW TO LEAD SOMEBODY TO THE LORD. This is very important, every principle member in the church should know how to witness, and should be comfortable doing it at any time.

I am a pastor of a local church in Mexico. I must confess that I do not give an invitation every sermon. I do try to get with every new visitor after the service  and invite them to eat or speak to them in the church somewhere and present the plan of salvation to them. We do not need to twist and turn every sermon on any subject into a salvation sermon. This confuses what the topic was for the listener. But we do need to forcefully present the plan of salvation on a regular basis, and have that as a standard part of our line up of topics and elements of our church.

An evangelist church also is a church that glories and joys in the salvation of a person’s soul. The enthusiasm should be apparent when some soul comes to Christ.

An evangelist church is a church that has a regular scheduled time to go out and witness to the lost. This means that there are people from that church doing it on a weekly basis. Maybe they take turns, one group on the odd weeks, and another on the even, but it is a priority and it is seen being done by the whole church. The church as a whole has taken on this mission of evangelism as its favorite activity and purpose. Maybe not everybody can go at that scheduled time, but everybody does what they can to contribute to the effort, inviting people to come to church, or witnessing as time allows with friends and families.

The point is that evangelism of the lost is a permanent priority in the thinking and operation of an evangelist church. The people (almost all of the church people, and every single principle member and leader, and the pastor is the best example) ALL EVANGELIZE and have that ingrained into their thinking and conduct. The regularly as a matter of habit have their Bible handy in the daily things of life. What we see today are Christians that leave their Bibles in the back pew of the church from Sunday morning to Sunday morning because they have no need for it except in the Sunday AM service.

An evangelistic church has a constant emphasis on evangelism, and the people witness during their week, and pass out salvation tracts as a regular habit of their life.

But how can we gain a passion for spreading this good news and winning souls to Christ in these difficult days when there are so many who oppose our work every step of the way? It starts by having Jesus Christ front and center in our own lives. Indeed, our passion for winning souls will increase as our passion for Christ Himself and our walk with Him become stronger. Gotquestions.org

Evangelism and Promoting your Church are different

We need to understand that there are two distinct things, both probably are valid for a church, but very different emphases on each. When people promote their church, they invite people to come join with them in the community of their church and their activities. That is very good that the members of a church does that.

But evangelism is quite different. Evangelism is to search people’s souls with them to see if they have Jesus as their Savior or not. They may already go to another church, or they may even go to your church, but that in itself does not make them saved. The yes or no answer is all the difference in the world.

When a church emphasizes evangelism and the plan of salvation, they make the question of whether people are saved or not a priority. They recognize that some people may be very friendly and supportive, even of your church, but are not saved. That is what needs to be addressed.

Why does lack of evangelistic zeal destroy and kill a church?

Very simply, a non-evangelistic church (that has Loss of Evangelistic Passion) has lost their purpose of existence. Their mission has been lost, and they will find some new non-salvation mission, and it will replace the true mission God gave them, and they will side-track or rabbit trail into an infinity of “good things” but they have totally missed the best and only thing that they should be good at.

Loss of Evangelistic Passion ruins our churches and makes them Satan’s churches, not God’s.

Evangelistic Deceptions are unbiblical

We are in a spiritual battle between truth and error. The very essence of what we are doing is to convince others of the truth. We ourselves need to discern between truth and error, and always reject error in every form we find it. It becomes ludicrist when evangelism (defense of the truth, convincing other of the truth) uses deception and error to do its business.

I have seen church programs that deceive people into thinking that they will get some physical good, or even a whole church service that is geared to be enjoyable as “Christian entertainment”, when these are not the purposes of their coming to the church. They are supposed to come and get saved (never presented correctly and clearly from the beginnin), and they are supposed to come to worship God (not be entertained).

When we mix our signals, the only thing caught by our people is that we are deceptive, just like Satan. So what is the difference? They will take advantage, and turn away when there is any committment asked of them. This is the error of this way of doing the ministry.

Benefits of being an Evangelistic Church

As a pastor, many times other pastors come and comment to me about their problems. It amazes me when others do not see this. Lack of workers? Real evangelism will bring new laborers into the harvest. Lack of money? True evangelism will disciple and make those saved into workers, and they will support the budget of the church. Need of new pastor? When the evangelism has been constant over the years, the people will agree to bringing in new assistant pastors to take over the work slowly and surely when the elderly pastor is not able to continue.

Being evangelistic means that God will bless you, but Satan will especially attack and try to destroy you. It will be a rough ride, but one that pleases God.

Loss of Evangelistic Passion

These thoughts are taken from a post “7 Deadly sins of a Dying Church“.

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