Fixing a Ruined Church

Fixing a Ruined Church is an article and suggestions on how to fix a ruined, sick church by getting back to the basics of what a church is and should be.

I read an article named, 4 Starter Ideas for the Care and Treatment of an Unhealthy Church (a good article by the way), and in it, it mentions some tips on how to “treat” the patient of an unhealthy church. From that general idea I want to expand on some of my thoughts of that post.

Get back to the Bible

The difference between life and death in the spiritual world is to recognize that NOTHING WORKS EXCEPT GOD’S PLAN, METHOD, AND WAY. Nobody can outsmart God, and nobody can run roughshod over God. To get things back on track, you have to go to God, to his word, and start there.

When the people in a church follow God’s Word, things work. Even when there is persecution, the people come together and fight for God’s cause. When things go wrong in a church, most undoubtedly there are people and actions that are not biblical. Instead of love, they express hate. You have to get back to what God has ordered for things to work out.

Get a right attitude

Repent of your bad attitude. The pastor of a church is there like a doctor in a hospital. If there weren’t problems, there would be no need for the pastor. The pastor is the change agent for the problems in the church.

#1 Don’t cause more problems. Dealing with problems sometimes looks like you are causing problems, but soak everything in prayer.

#2 People change when they interact with spiritual people who truly care for their welfare. People do change, and they will change when they hear the Word of God accurately explained, and the sin called out, and the remedy easily given.

#3 Prayer changes things. If you are in a problem church, then there are two things God is going to do through you the preacher. First, he will try your loyalty and faithfulness to God, and second, he will see how real your belief is that prayer can change things. Pray can change the hardest heart, but it takes time and energy, and most of all patience.

#4 Be positive. Being negative and always rebuking gets old quickly. Try to focus the church on what we as Christians are supposed to be. You replace bad character by highlighting and focusing constantly on good character. When people see this in Scripture, the Holy Spirit will work through those passages to change people.

#5 Most people’s main problem is that they are not saved. This is true even among churches, deacons, and pastors a lot of times. Return to the basics of salvation. Preach it often and hard.

Sacrifice your will for God’s will

Many times a preacher wants certain things. He wants economic prosperity, or fame, or honor and praise from his people, and he becomes frustrated when he doesn’t get those things. Once you understand that God has sent you on a mission in that church with those people, and God’s plan is spiritual. Those things we hope for as pastors are not really what God is doing, then we can adjust ourselves to our mission.

Seek spirituality, purity, righteousness, and holiness

There is only one way to fix things that are wrong, and that is to get things to what they are supposed to be according to God’s Word. By focusing on love, purity, righteousness, holiness, and a host of other objectives that God has set for us in His Word, then things start working correctly. If you as pastor do not focus on these things, then they will not start appearing in the church. You must strive to see these things in your people, in yourself, and in your prayer life.

Dump spiritual apathy and laziness

So many churches are just social clubs. They do not do the work of God. Evangelism, prayers, biblical counseling, spiritual growth, etc. just are not in the mix of everything that happens at church. That must change. We are here to do the mission of God. Find it, and do it.

Worst thing to happen to a preach by Leonard Ravenhill

Take it slow and steady

Just like any person who has had a serious bout with disease, an unhealthy needs to take things slow and steady. Resist strongly the temptation to do too much too soon. People don’t need to be busy; they do that quite well without help. What they need is to be active in essential and centrally important things. It is not important to go run around town doing nothing, but to go out and work. That brings in a paycheck which you exchange for rent, clothes, and food. You need to understand your spiritual priorities and focus on them.

Follow a godly Pastor

If you are the pastor, change. If you are not the pastor pray earnestly that the pastor changes, or you change churches. Don’t accept poor spiritual treatment and care.

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