Pastor Requirements

What are the Requirements for Pastor? Pastor Requirements

Topic: Pastoral Requirements
By Pastor David Cox

Pastor RequirementsMy second subtitle is what I will deal with mostly on this post. You can check in the sidebar for more individual treatments on the requirements for pastor. Let me put this is the context of a false prophet entering or trying to enter into the pastoral position.

Rather than specifically entering into a discussion on the requirements individually in this post I want to talk about them collectively at first. There is a great importance that God has placed on them. And if we do not grasp that importance, then we will go down a road that leads to great problems, maybe even spiritual destruction.

Besides that, those who make these decisions about the new pastor have the results and consequences of that decision on their hands for eternity. Many people just want anybody to take the position so that they don’t have to do anything else in that matter. God will greatly bless them and thank them for doing their job well. Or He will condemn and hold them accountable.

I would recommend that you read my tract on CH38 Recognizing a Good Pastor

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New Testament Elders Validity

New Testament Elders

Topic: New Testament Elders
By Pastor David Cox

Taken from a white paper by David Cox written August 11, 1994

The difference between the New Testament elders and the Old Testament elders is simply that within Judaism, there was a corruption of the elder system which was cronism, spiritual corruption, egoism, and self interests, and this was probably also part of why God chastised Israel by setting her aside for a long time period to use the church.

In this article I explain (give an introduction) to New Testament elders

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Conflict over Personal Preferences

Conflict over Personal Preferences

Conflict over Personal Preferences
By David Cox

The next element of a dying or dead church is that there is conflict over personal preferences. One of the key elements of a very alive church is that the church can discern, understand, defend, and fight and apply Bible principles in their world around them. This is the opposite of that. A dead and dying church is one which cannot do this.

Life defends itself, but in death, one has no control, and priorities seem to fade into non-issues.

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Don’t shoot the sheep, aiming for the wolves

By Pastor-Missionary David Cox

To summarize what we understand from the Bible:

1) There are sheep in our fold.

Basically, this means that many (hopefully most or all) of our sheep in our fold are saved people, wanting to serve God and please Him in some degree. Our ministry is to serve the sheep working God’s will and desire for them. On the one hand, we should help them grow spiritually, and on the other hand, we should confront their sin, rebuke it, pray for them, and see them get victory over there sins.

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The Death of a Church (Closure)

The Death of a Church (Closure) Examination of a church closure, why it should, why it shouldn’t, explaining why it happens when it shouldn’t.

Let me make a highly charged statement. Every single church in the world should shut down completely. Read on to follow my logic, and then I have comments to make about the issue of church closures.

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