Satan’s Useful Idiots

Satan's useful idiots

By Pastor David Cox

Summary: Satan’s useful idiots is a blog post on how some Christians are useful to Satan’s purposes, yet they are idiots as far as furthering the kingdom of God.

I have come across the phrase “useful idiots” in my wandering in books and news. As I understand the phrase, it is used of people in an opposing position, yet being the enemy, they mess up things on their own side, and therefore they are useful to “us” even though they would seem to not know what they are doing or how they are harming their side of things.

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Church Advertisement that Works

By Pastor-Missionary David Cox

I would like to just put out there my own experiences about promoting a local church and church growth. I am not trying to sell you any plan or advertising thing where you pay money for it, just reasoning some with you so that you consider what God has said about promoting the church.

I am a Fundamental Baptist Missionary serving our Lord in Mexico City Mexico. I have been working here since 1986, and I have a local church, and we go out every Saturday giving out literature and witnessing in the street.

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