What Church Planter’s Workshop is about

What Church Planter’s Workshop is about

Welcome to my website. Please feel free to look around, investigate, and send me emails on things you don’t understand, or on issues you would like for me to address.

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Who is Pastor and Missionary David Cox?

I am a local church pastor and a missionary in Mexico City, Mexico since 1984. I went to Bob Jones University from 1976 through 1982, and graduated with a B.A. in Christian Missions (Greek minor), and have a M.A. in Bible, and a M.S. in Educational Administration and Supervision all from Bob Jones.

I consider my education at Bob Jones to be a normal Christian education for the ministry, but I noticed over my first years of ministry that there were a lot of things lacking in that education. There were a lot of essential Bible principles that I needed for my ministry as missionary, as evangelist, and as pastor that simply I didn’t get in my training. Perhaps I am just dumb, or slow, or I didn’t choose the right major (a missions major wouldn’t be the right major?) or the right classes (I took extra Bible and Greek beyond what they required), but I just don’t think what they gave prepared me adequately for the job.

As I meditated and found my own answers within the Word of God (and I thank God that I did learn how to exposit the Bible, and find the truth in God’s Word while at Bob Jones, and the environment was excellent for individual Bible study, even though $10,000s of dollars per year for a quiet “perfect” environment would seem a steep price but I did grow spiritually while at Bob Jones, and I cannot say that the environment there didn’t have a lot to do with it, it did).

This website is my feeble attempt at correcting the world. 🙁

I know that there is a lot of error out there, and I know that there are a lot of wolves in their nice sheep clothes out there, and there is not much I can do about that except give a good blow on the head every now and then (and that I will do if God permits), but this website is for those very, very few souls out there that are truly looking for the truth, and are not finding it in present-day Christianity.

Note: Since I am a missionary, I have missionary updates and personal information about us and our ministry. If you are interested in reading about what is happening in our church, please visit www.davidcoxmex.com to see our most recent prayer updates, and some more Positional Papers and other things on us. If you would like to donate to our ministry, our financial donation page is also on this website.

My “Style” and Solutions

Note that I am a pastor and a missionary. Most of my ministry has been done with way less funds than the normal or typical missionary (I won’t get into the why of that), but I have always been working on the “lean side of things.” God has had His hand in that because I minister in Mexico. Most Mexicans likewise don’t have much income, so we have developed a philosophy of making “our own” when we need something (or “bootstrapping” as some have called it). We have 96 MP3/MIDI files that we use with a computer for congregational singing in our church. We made our own hymnal to go with our own hymns (all classical normal church music, nothing “contemporary” about it).

I write my own books and tracts because I feel the necessity (there isn’t much good literature out there) and because it is cheaper, and I can give it away when otherwise I would only be able to give a very choice few any literature otherwise.

My motto as pastor is “what is wrong or broke in the church, God put the pastor there to fix it no matter what it is.” That being the case, on this website I will present to you issues and discuss them as intelligently as I can, always trying to use the authority of Scripture to show you the issues and the biblical answer. You will also find on this website the “tools” to fix or accomplish what a Pastor needs in order to plant or run biblically a local church. You will find sermons, books, and tracts that I have written (which you can download and photocopy without paying me anything) to address issues dealt with on these pages. You can use my sermons as is, or as the basis for your own sermons, and don’t worry about giving me credit. That is up to you personally.

There is just one thing that I want to accomplish with this website, and that is that you fix what is wrong in your church, and that you make it “biblical.” Anything that can be used here to do that will be all the blessing I need from you.


First of all, I will say that God continues to teach me. As a pastor and as a missionary, God continues to send me “problem people”, for which I thank Him for every one of them. I grow spiritually and ministerially by these people. I don’t run them off, but analyze their problems, their history, and answer them with Scripture. This website is about sharing my reflections and meditations on all of that.

A lot of the pages are empty, and I am working on filling them. The pages will also be changed regularly as I add and clarify more and more issues and elements that are found on these pages. Basically this whole website is a “work in progress.” I will try to update you in posts section (click on the words in the header “Church Planters’ & Pastors’ Workshop” to go to the “front door”, and there, the most recent posts will have what I have recently added, created, or changed.

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