Helps for Pulpit Committees (Introduction)

Helps for Pulpit Committees
by Pastor/Missionary David Cox


Hello, I suppose you are reading this because your church is without a pastor or is looking for a new pastor, and you have some kind of interest or obligation in finding the new pastor. This work is to help you get your head screwed on straight about the process and concisely help you. Here I will try to be brief, but the subject matter needs to be studied intensively before the process begins, and if the process is already in progress, the members of the Pulpit Committee need to really study this material to guide them into a man which honors God and is God’s will for your church.

You should separate (1) what has happened in the past in your church, from (2) what is the new minister coming into your church. Do not project what problems you had with past ministers into your new pastor, nor should you ignore what you should have learned from those bad experiences.


Introduction (this page)

Upcoming topics

  • What to do before you look
  • Discerning a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing from a Man of God
  • Finding and contacting good potential candidates
  • What to do after you make contact with a candidate
  • Discerning a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
  • Define the Job Description of Pastor for the Candidate
  • Define the Salary Structure of the Pastor

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