What is Ministerial Success?

Ministerial Success

Ministerial Success is an article about our goals as preachers and ministers of God. What should a man of God consider as success? What, then, is success in the ministry? Do we need to tell them constantly how much better we are than the rest? Ministerial Success is something that defines your philosophy of the ministry. What really is ministerial success?

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Advantages of a New Church Plant

new church plant

By Pastor-Missionary David Cox.

In this article, Advantages of a New Church Plant, we will examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of a new church plant versus taking over an existing church.

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Getting People Really Saved.


The greatest problem of the church is thtrue salvatione unsaved within its own walls. When people slip into the church as members, and even worse as deacons, ministers, or even the pastor, the only possible result is disaster. We look at what the problem is, how to fix it, how we should define salvation clearly, and the missed aspects of salvation. There are two key “choke-points” when we should be very insistant on making sure people are saved. These two points are in evangelism, and when a person becomes a member of the church (indicating their salvation before baptism, or in giving a testimony of a previous baptism in another church). A third perhaps comes into play in church discipline, which is exercised when a person refuses to repent and change his life.

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Verses for Witnessing (Notes)


First of all, we need to limit ourselves to the Scriptures. We can neither leave out anything the Scripture includes, nor can we minimize it, nor can we add things the Scriptures do not include in salvation. Here I will try to justify each point of these points. Note that I do not explain or mean each sub point with each person I witness to. Depending on their background and how God leads me with that person I focus on certain aspects and leave others alone. For Catholics, works salvation and not believing in Mary are important. For Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses the deity of Christ and works salvation are key elements. Others bring in other aspects.

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