Is the Pastor Important? Is he Biblical?

Is the Pastor Important? Is he Biblical? examines the concept of Pastor in Scripture. I defend that the Pastor is a biblical ministry, and that he is central.

I read this post “The Man of God” by Steve Van Nattan, and I greatly disagree with this person’s point of view. For example, he says…

Now, what about your pastor, and the deacons or elders in your local church? Just because a man can shell the corn and get some things right from the King James Bible does NOT mean he is a “man of God.”

So, is a pastor a MAN OF GOD?

Fundamentalists have an exalted view of pastors. The word “pastor” is only used once in the New Testament, and it is never formally defined. The offices of a bishop, elder, and the deacon’s office are well defined, but nowhere is the title “pastor” listed with the other offices. In fact, based on rules of interpretation, the pastor in the local church is not of any special consideration except as a shepherd to feed sheep. “Pastor” is the English equivalent of the Greek word for “shepherd.”

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How to read a Christian Book

How to read a Christian Book as a student of Scripture, how to read, analyze, and understand a Christian Reference Book on some biblical topic. You may think that this is a silly topic, everybody that knows how to read and write can read a book. But as a student of Scripture preparing sermons and Bible classes, this is not true. You need to know how to get into a book, quickly find what you need, and then extract it and go on with your studies.

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