Ministers: Rejecting Riches Part 1

In this article, I outline some verses about a minister’s rejection of riches and explain them and apply them to a godly minister’s makeup. A requirement for God’s ministers is that they are not motivated by greed. We examine this in this blog. I am sorry that I am going to go on a long rabbit trail here, but we cannot understand what an “optimum minister” should be unless we understand what a minimum of a good Christian’s worldview should be as to riches. So I will lay the foundation of a biblical viewpoint towards possessions and riches here. Perhaps you would need to go beyond these basic foundational principles to something more advanced, but that is outside the scope of this article.

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Leadership Development

As I reviewed Church planting issues articles, I find this mentioned often. The key issue here is that your church plant has leaders that are spiritual, Bible oriented and guided (working by Scripture principles), and mature. Unfortunately, this just begs the whole question of a church plant. We can easily take the leaders from some well-established church and transplant them, and we have a ready-made “church plant in a can”. Unfortunately, this sidesteps the whole question of church planting, which is to reproduce ourselves on 2 levels: 1) reproduce believers or evangelism, and 2) reproduce churches, which is church planting.

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Discerning a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing from a Man of God

Discerning a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing from a Man of God I seek to reveal how these people work to infiltrate our churches.

By Pastor David Cox



It is extremely sad to see so many hours that preachers and pastors preach in the pulpit over the years, and probably the least mentioned topic in all this preaching is what the preacher should morally be (his moral example), and what he should be doing in the ministry. It should be a great concern among all men of God, but unfortunately, there are few “biblical preachers“. Most seek what they consider best, and while they will beat horribly the cults and false doctrines of others because they don’t really respect nor highly esteem the Word of God, rarely will they hold themselves, their ministries, and their personal lives to the same standard as they demand from others. Unfortunately when a hypocrite stands before a crowd and teaches, the norm is that the crowd ignores what he says and becomes like what he is morally, a smart (and often Bible quoting) hypocrite. Although this is simply God blessing or cursing us on the basis of what we are, all of this is very firmly presented in the Word of God, and even so, we regularly ignore it (on the part of ministers as well as laymen).

ch16 The Example of the Man of God.
ch24 The Power of a Spiritual Example

It is important to understand that the Pulpit Committee is making decisions which will decide the spiritual welfare of that church perhaps for the next 15-30 years, and they may well condemn the church to spiritual ruin if they make an error. That should not scare us from undertaking the task, but it should make us very careful and prayerful in all that we do.

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Pastor Requirements

What are the Requirements for Pastor? Pastor Requirements

Topic: Pastor Requirements
By Pastor David Cox

My second subtitle is what I will deal with mostly on this post. You can check in the sidebar for more individual treatments on the requirements for pastor. Let me put this is the context of a false prophet entering or trying to enter into the pastoral position.

Rather than specifically entering into a discussion on the requirements individually in this post I want to talk about them collectively at first. There is a great importance that God has placed on them. And if we do not grasp that importance, then we will go down a road that leads to great problems, maybe even spiritual destruction.

Besides that, those who make these decisions about the new pastor have the results and consequences of that decision on their hands for eternity. Many people just want anybody to take the position so that they don’t have to do anything else in that matter. God will greatly bless them and thank them for doing their job well. Or He will condemn and hold them accountable.

I would recommend that you read my tract on CH38 Recognizing a Good Pastor

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