How to transmit “morality”

In How to transmit “morality” we will explore some “secrets” of how to “transmit morality”, i.e. make real Christians.

Introduction for How to transmit “morality”

My idea in this topic is how do we truly make real Christians? In other words, we can easily offer incentives (like give-aways, esteem type rewards like offices and other “perks” to people to get them to attend and supposedly “be loyal”, but that is not making real Christians. The problem with these things is that their loyalty is “skin deep”, and as soon as somebody offers them something better, they jump. How to transmit “morality”

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The Non-Applying of the Scriptures

By David Cox

Summary: I examine the tendency that I see in some preachers to not apply Scripture, just talk about it, explain it, and leave it at that. An application of Scripture means making it very clear how the scriptural principles involved are applied to the believers’ lives.

See Sermons need Application

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