Messianic Insurance

Messianic Insurance
Insurance is our Savior

Summary: In this article, we discuss how Insurance, in general, has taken the place of turning to God and asking for his help and protection and provision.

What was the beginning concept in the birth of insurance? For example house insurance, in the case of a fire? Simply put, you pay a small amount each month, and if your house is destroyed, then the insurance will replace your house. Life insurance came into play when people earned money, but could not save up sufficient money to take care of their family if the wage earner was to die. Car insurance did the same thing, replace the car.

They have forced Insurance on Us

In our crazy world of skyrocketing insurances, we need to get a biblical point of view on insurance. In many cases, we simply don’t have many choices. If you rent, homeowners insurance is a requirement for the rent contract. Car insurance is also a requirement by state law.

Medical insurance seems to come and go as being required and looking at the price of a hospital visit, it is hard to justify the personal economic risk to your family of not having it if something happens. If you are a fortunate one that has a nest egg, a week-long stay in a hospital for some emergency will effectively take that nest egg from you.

Insurance replaces God

In the end analysis, there are no man made constructs to replace God. I am not advocating that Christians not have insurance, and in reality, that would be extremely difficult from what the governments around the world are forcing upon us. Without insurance, it is impossible to have a common car.

You have to have in order to drive a car in our world. Fine. God knew it would come to this and worse. One day under the Antichrist (Christians will be taken out before this, but precursors can still be present while Christians are still here), but he force everybody to accept his sign in their forehead in order to gain income or work. This is where all this is headed towards.\

As Christians, we must insist that our “security” not come from government but from God. We look to our God and Lord for provision and to take care of us, and not man made things.

Government Bail outs instead of Responsibility

Another aspect of this issue is that big government will always “bail us out.” Why should it do that? There is an argument that government should help people recover from disasters and not hinder or make worse disasters, but why should government feed everybody? The truth of the matter is that this doesn’t work. First, the government wants to posit that they are taking over God’s position for everybody. Great. So by what means are they doing that? Simply put taxes. Your taxes.

Once they take over providing for everybody, then equality raises its head, and why shouldn’t rich people get the same benefits poor people get? In fact, their “needs” are greater than poor people so they should get x times MORE freebies than your common run of the mill poor person.

Once that the rich have their handout, then the poor people now want equality (it is THEIR RIGHT, in other words YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO THEM). So they should get 100,000s like the rich people. The system will utterly and horribly fail at some point, and “government” will have to use its police and military force to control at that point, and nobody (except the high ranking government people) will get anything.

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