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Welcome to my website. Please feel free to look around, investigate, and send me emails on things you don’t understand, or on issues you would like for me to address.

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Who is Pastor and Missionary David Cox?

I am a local church pastor and a missionary in Mexico City, Mexico since 1984. I went to Bob Jones University from 1976 through 1982, and graduated with a B.A. in Christian Missions (Greek minor), and have a M.A. in Bible, and a M.S. in Educational Administration and Supervision all from Bob Jones.

I consider my education at Bob Jones to be a normal Christian education for the ministry, but I noticed over my first years of ministry that there were a lot of things lacking in that education. There were a lot of essential Bible principles that I needed for my ministry as missionary, as evangelist, and as pastor that simply I didn’t get in my training. Perhaps I am just dumb, or slow, or I didn’t choose the right major (a missions major wouldn’t be the right major?) or the right classes (I took extra Bible and Greek beyond what they required), but I just don’t think what they gave prepared me adequately for the job.

As I meditated and found my own answers within the Word of God (and I thank God that I did learn how to exposit the Bible, and find the truth in God’s Word while at Bob Jones, and the environment was excellent for individual Bible study, even though $10,000s of dollars per year for a quiet “perfect” environment would seem a steep price but I did grow spiritually while at Bob Jones, and I cannot say that the environment there didn’t have a lot to do with it, it did).

This website is my feeble attempt at correcting the world. 🙁

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