Things that ruin a Church: Qualities that Destroy

By David Cox

I read a post at and that got me thinking. There are a lot of things that can “ruin a church”. This post is the first of three, and here I look at qualities, then events, and then people. First of all, by way of introduction, let’s consider what is “being ruined” really mean? I mean, what is a “non-ruined church” and what would ruin it? We cannot consider the factors that cause the “ruin of a church” without considering these two points first. Let’s do this with your church. What is “church” supposed to be? When a church is fully pleasing God, doing what God has ordained it’s purpose to be, what is that? Write that down on a piece of paper, now consider when you have seen or conceive of a church being “ruined”. What would that be like?

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What should we Preach?

What should we preach?
The ministry of the Word

What should we preach?
Por David Cox

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This is a study tract examining the Bible’s comments on good and bad preaching. Topics: What is biblical preaching? Wholesome Doctrine; Good Doctrine produces Piety; Bad doctrine and preaching; Strong Reproof; Preaching to Entertain; and Beneficial Preaching. (Get this article in a tract form from This is suitable for printing, 2 pages from and back of the same letter size paper.)

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Improving your Preaching: Detecting poor preaching and mediocrity

This post is just an introduction to the series.


Detecting Faulty Preaching
Build confidence with feedback good channels
Set up rules and procedures for handling feedback
Problem – Mediocrisy
How to Fix Mediocrisy
Dynamic life-changing preaching

In this post I reveal how to tell if your preaching is poor, and we examine mediocre preaching.

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